Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions quick-global.eu

Rules and Regulations of Quick-global.eu Store


1.1. Internet store Quick-global.eu is run and administered by:

Biall Sp. z o.o.

Barniewicka 54C

City: Gdansk

Post code: 80-299

Country: Poland

VAT EU: PL6040018535                (VAT EU: tax identification number)

REGON: 193106935               (business entity registration number)

website: Quick-global.eu

e-mail: biall@biall.com.pl

Phone: +48 58 3221191

this is the address that Customers can contact Internet Store, farther called “Contractor”, “Service Provider” or “Shop”.

1.2. Internet Store can only be used by those who have read and fully accepted this Rules and Regulations of Quick-global.eu Store. Reading and accepting Rules and Regulations of Quick-global.eu Store is considered as providing an information by Contractor to the Customer, which is mentioned in article 12 of Consumer Protection Act form 30th of May 2014 (Dz. U. from 2014 pos. 827), information required is included below.

1.3 Client –

  1. a) natural person, who is at least 18 years old, and has a full capacity to act in law

  2. b) juvenile, who is at least 13 years old, but  not older than 18 years old, requires a permission from his/her legal guardian

  3. c) legal person (corporation), that is not a natural person,

which is placing or willing to place an order in the Internet Store, farther called “Client”, “User” or “Customer”.

1.4 Internet Store – website pages in  Quick-global.eu  domain, that are used by the Client to place an Order.

1.5 Order – statement of will to enter into a Contract of Sale of product at a distance via Internet Store, that specifies type and number of products, final price for Products and delivery costs of ordered Products.

1.6 Product – movable item which is a subject of Contract of Sale

1.7 Contract of Sale – legal agreement of sale of products as defined in the Civil Code and Consumer Protection Act, transacted from a distance between the Internet Store and the Customer, using distant means of communication.

1.8 Rules and regulations of the Internet Store – farther called “Regulations” determines rules of sale using distant means of communication, as well as rules of placing an Order by the Customer. It is available at the Quick-global.eu.

1.9. Civil code – legal act from 23rd of April 1964 (Dz. U. from 1964 No. 16, pos. 93).

1.10. Consumer Protection Act form 30th of May 2014 (Dz. U. from 2014 pos. 827).

1.11. In means of electronically supplied services, this “Regulations” is mentioned in article 8 of the legal act of on Rendering Electronic Services, (Dz. U. from  2002 r. No 144, pos. 1204).

1.12. The Internet Store can only be used by those who have read and fully accepted this Rules and Regulations of Quick-global.eu.

1.13. Customers service is available:

– by telephone: from Monday to Friday 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. at +48 58 3221191

– by e-mail: biall@biall.com.pl

1.14. The Internet Store operates in English language.


2.1.  Orders can be placed by the users of the Internet Store, who have correctly filled in form which could be found at Internet Store website.

2.2. The form requires the following data: name, surname, shipping address, e-mail address, contact phone number. Improper filling of the Form or providing incorrect data may cause the Contractor to withdraw from completing an Order. A lack of due diligence while filling in the form may cause the Client being obligated to cover additional expenses such as: compensation, costs of improper postage, costs of resending the order to the right address, or any other rightful costs incurred by the Internet Store to complete the Order.

2.3. Order can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Orders will be completed at maximum within 7 working days after the charge will be posted to Internet Store account as successful. However, Quick-global.eu team will do everything possible to shorten shipping time to a minimum.

2.4. Online Store will begin order completion after the Order is successfully placed and payment due for the Order and shipment is made.

2.5. Confirmation that an Order is being completed is always send to the e-mail provided by the Customer in registration form. This also means that the Contract of Sale has been made. In case making a payment and not receiving confirmation e-mail please contact customers service via e-mail biall@biall.com.pl or dial +48 58 3221191, 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

2.6. In case of any circumstances making placed order impossible to complete by the Store, Quick-global.eu is reserving the right to suspend the order, and will immediately notify the Customer about the situation.

2.7. All prices (in EUR) include VAT tax, but do not include shipping costs. Shipping price can be different to different  countries. To check if we ship to your country go to section 4 SHIPMENT of this “Regulations”.

2.8. In case of price change, order will be completed with the price valid at the moment of purchase (Contract of Sale).

2.9. The invoice will be sent to a Customer by e-mail or if needed, on paper send by post.

2.10. Internet Store reserves itself a right to: change the prices of the products, to introduce new products, to delete products from an offer, to perform, stop or modify discounts and sales.

2.11. Order will be completed if item is available.

2.12. Discounts or sales do not combine, as long as additional rules do not state so.

2.13. VAT free delivery is possible for companies providing a valid VAT ID, please contact biall@biall.com.pl for further information.


3.1 Internet Store accepts payments made by:

  1. PayPal service

  2. Bank Transfer

  3. Przelewy24 Online Payment service

Internet Store bank account details:

Bank:                               Bank Zachodni WBK

EUR Account number:    PL81 1090 1098 0000 0001 1942 0055

SWIFT:                            WBKPPLPPXXX

Account holder:                Biall Sp. z o.o.

Street:                                Barniewicka 54C

City :                                 Gdansk

Postal code:                       80-299

Country:                            Poland

3.2 Payment should be done immediately after placing an Order, so that the amount due is posted to Internet Store`s account within a maximum of 7 working days counting from a day of placing an order. Otherwise, if the Store will not receive the payment within a week, the order is considered ineffective and the Internet Store won’t complete that order.

3.3 Transactions supported by PayPal services ensure the highest level of safety. New methods of data encryption in combination with the world-class hardware platform guarantee the reliability of performed transactions. More information about those payments methods can be found : https://www.paypal.com


4.1 Shipping is carried out by GLS parcel services Poland Ltd. or UPS (United Parcel Service), Shipping price is specified during order placement, before order confirmation. Shipment to countries listed below costs : http://www.gls-group.eu/www.ups.com

9,90 € (Free shipping for orders over 300€) :

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Belgium
  • Slovakia
  • The Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Luxemburg
  • Bulgaria
  • United Kingdom
  • Hungary
  • Lithuania
  • Slovenia
  • France (mainland)
  • Latvia
  • Portugal (mainland)
  • San Marino
  • Italy
  • Estonia
  • Sweden

14,90 € (Free shipping for orders over 300€):

  • Spain (mainland)
  • Romania
  • Finland
  • Croatia
  • Ireland

19,90 €:

  • Greece
  • Malta
  • Cyprus

49,90 €:

  • Portugal II (azores, madeira)
  • France (corsica)
  • Spain (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Melilla, Ceuta, Gibraltar, Andorra)

Shipping to other countries possible by prior arrangement!

4.2 Shipping costs are paid by the Customer.

4.3 Before collecting the parcel, Customer is obliged to verify the content of the package in the presence of the delivery person (courier or postal service employee). If the package was damaged during the transportation process a protocol of complaint shall be prepared and signed by both the Customer and the delivery person. Checking the package is an essential condition of taking into account any Customers` claims of package being damaged in the transport. Courier company is obliged to deliver the goods undamaged and is liable for customer complaints concerning damage in transport.

4.4 The ability to complain on account of the unsatisfactory performance of the postal/courier service expires at the moment of accepting the package without any objections, unless the damage was unnoticeable from the outside. If the damage was recognized within 7 days upon receiving the package and it is clear that the package was damaged before the receipt, courier company is still liable for customer complaint about the damage. If such case occur The Internet store should be informed about it.

4.5 If a Customer will not pick up purchased Product, he/she will have to cover expense of sending it back to the Store.


5.1 Internet Store declares to deliver bought Products without faults.

5.2 Returns (withdraw from Contract of Sale)

5.2.1 Customer have a right to withdraw from the Contract of Sale (return products), within 14 days, without providing any reason. The time to withdraw expires after 14 days counting from the day in which you came into the possession of the Product (or in which third party, different from the carrier, came into possession of the thing).

5.2.2 In order to perform Customers’ right of withdrawal from the agreement, Internet Store must be informed of it, for example by sending the letter by mail to the address:

Biall Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Barniewicka 54C

80-299 Gdańsk


or sending the message to the e-mail address: biall@biall.com.pl

5.2.3 You can  use a ready-to-use template form of the withdrawal from the agreement.

5.2.4 The Product should be sent back immediately, however not later than 14 days counting from the moment of informing the Shop about withdrawal from the Contract of Sale.

5.2.5 Goods should be originally packed, unused and unchanged.

5.2.6 In case of withdrawal from the Contract of Sale, Quick-global.eu will refund all payments received from you, including costs of first shipping. We will make the return of the payment using the same method of payment which was used in the transaction, unless other method will be agreed.

5.2.7 In case of withdrawal from the Contract of Sale, costs of returning the goods to the Internet store are to be paid by the Customer.

5.3 Complaints

5.3.1 In case of the purchased Product is being faulty or defective, it is possible to fold the customer complaint by sending goods back by post, along with the receipt and the complaint form to the address:

Company:       Biall Sp. z o.o.

Street:                         Barniewicka 54C

City:               Gdansk

Post code:       80-299

Country:         Poland

with the note: “Customer complaint”.

The Customer will receive information about the result of investigating Customers complaint within 14 days, counting from the day of receiving the product by the Internet Store. In case of the complaint is justified, Internet Store will resend product of standard value (repaired, or new) to the Customer within 14 days. If repairing or replacing the product will not be possible, Internet Store will refund to the Customer full amount paid for the Product along with shipping costs.

5.3.2 In case of negative result of investigation, the Product will be resent to the Customer with full description of complaint denial.

5.4 Internet Store does not accept any cash on delivery packages.


6.1 During the registration process, the Customer agrees that Internet Store can use and process one`s personal data for proper Order realisation. It is the one and only purpose of personal data usage. Personal data is not shared with any third parties.

6.2 Internet Store is an administrator of Client`s personal data and is obliged to its proper storage and process of the data. According to the act “On protection of personal data” from 29th of August., data is stored wit due diligence and are properly protected from third parties access. Customer has a right to access modify and erase one`s personal data.


7.1 If the matter is not mentioned in those ‘Rules and regulations…’, the following acts are applicable:

– Consumer Protection Act form 30th of May 2014 (Dz. U. from 2014 pos. 827).

– Civil code – legal act from 23 of April 1964 (Dz. U. from 1964, No. 16, pos. 93).

7.2. A code of best practices which is being described in art. 2 pt 5 in the act from
23 of August 2007 ‘About the counteraction for market dishonest practices (Journal of Laws of 2007 No. of 171 pos. 1206) which it is available at: http://isap.sejm.gov.pl. address

7.3. Placing an order is tantamount to approval of this ‘Rules and Regulations…’.

7.4. A Polish law is entitlement typical of this Regulations.

7.5 Internet Store is reserving the right to effect amendments to this Rules and Regulations. Amendments to the Rules are applying from the moment of publishing them on the website of the Store.

7.6 The presence of product information on the website is not always representing the availability of this products in the warehouse and the possibility of the completion of an order.

7.7 Differences in the appearance of a purchased products, between the visualisation of the Product on the Internet Store and on the Customers computer resulting from individual computer settings (colour, proportion, etc..) cannot be a base of the customer complaint.

7.8 The seller is making every effort to deliver the highest level of service, however the website can be temporarily out of order, due to website conservation or modernization.

7.9 All products and names on the Internet Store are being used to identification purposes and can be protected and reserved by the act industrial property law (D. U. Nr of 119 of 2003 yr pos. 1117). Proprietary copyrights to all graphic elements, Quick logo, as well as the Product arrangement and the composition of these elements (so-called layout) of the Quick is entitled to Biall Sp. z o.o.. Any usage of the elements mentioned above without a permission is forbidden.

7.10 To assure the highest level of service, Internet Store uses cookies files. The Customer can change cookies acceptance in internet browser settings at any time. Not accepting the cookie files policy may lead to page malfunction.

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