QUICK 6101 A1 Fume Extractor

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Fume Extractor QUICK 6101 A1

1. The integrated structure design makes for the easy installation of the fume extractor. No extra pipeline is required.
2. The large air flow is generated with the large-power brushless DC fan.
3. The noise caused during operation is low.
4. The triple filter may effectively remove the hazardous substance from the fume. So the human health can be ensured. Additionally, the pre-filter, middle filter and the main filter are designed in separate structure. Therefore, you can make full use of the filters. The separate replacement reduces the cost accordingly.
5. The discharging of cool/hot air outside can be avoided due to the built-in air cycling filtering system.
6. The fume extractor is designed with adjustable air volume and the arm.


Static Pressure 2400Pa
Airflow 120m3/h
System Flow (including filter mechanism) 100m3/h
Filtering Efficiency 0.3μm 99.97%
Power Consumption 120W
Noise ≤ 60dB
Voltage AC 110V or 220V
Dimensions 400(L)×230(W)×350(H)mm
Quantity of Arms 1
Weight About 13.4kg

Note: the length of arms can be manufactured according the requirement of the customers.



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