QUICK 381A ESD Vacuum Pick-up Tool

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Vacuum Pick-up Tool, QUICK 381A ESD

1. ESD safe design, no damage to sensitive components.
2. Scientific design of suction pen, light structure.
3. Vacuum suction stepless adjustable, single suction pen, powerful suction force can reach to 120g.
4. QUICK381A can control the pick-up and placing of chips accurately and effectively, avoid shaking when placing.
5. Pedal switch control, energy saving, long lifetime.
6. Suction nozzles and pads can be used together and interchangeable.



Power 7W
Pump Diaphragm
Max suction 0.03M Pa
Suction pad Conducting silicon rubber
Dimensions 130(L)*160(W)*110(H)mm
Weight About 1.55kg


Straight suction nozzle 0.7mm, 1.45mm(Inner diameter)
Bend suction nozzle 0.7mm, 1.45mm(Inner diameter)
Suction pad 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm(diameter)



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