QUICK 443A Static Eliminator

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Static Eliminator QUICK 443A

1. Compact size, light, portable design, adjustable angle.
2. Quickly neutralizes static charges.
3. Stable ion balance.
4. Speed of fan adjustable, can generate large range of ion stream.
5. Plastic cover, good insulation.
6. Filter mesh fixed by magnet, easy cleaning.



Ion Balance ≤±10V
Output voltage DC±5KV DC
Max power consumption 15W
Ozone production ≤0.03ppm (150mm from centre of air outlet)
Effective range 400*1500mm
Air volume ≤2.4m3/min
Ambient temperature 0-50℃
Material of cover Plastic
Dimensions 135(L)*190(H)*75(W) mm
Weight About 1.25Kg



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