QUICK 436 High-Frequency Static Eliminator

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High-Frequency Static Eliminator


1. Low noise.
2. Compact design, light.
3. Suitable for fine working place.
4. Portable design, easy operation.
5. Adjustable airflow direction.
6. Good and stable ion balance.
7. High ion density, neutralize static charges rapidly.
8. With ion and high-voltage indicator.
9. Build-in small high-frequency transformer, avoid the high-voltage.




Ion generating mode High frequency
Power consumption 6Watt
Ion balance ≤50V(Adjusted within ±10V before delivery)
Air volume ≤ 1.6m3 /min(Adjustable)
Input voltage DC 24V
Effective range 300*600mm
Ambient temperature 0-40℃
Dimensions 104(L)*50(W)*140(H) mm
Weight About 620g



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