QUICK TS 1100 Soldering station

The QUICK TS1100 is an intelligent lead-free soldering station. Utilizing a 90 watt power supply, This system is great for meeting the everyday challenges of most soldering applications and offers consistent soldering quality.

The station features all new ergonomic design and brilliant LCD Display.

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1. Big, easy to read LCD.
2. Real-Time Temperature Monitoring .
3. Lightweight solder iron.
4 .ESD Safe, with ESD Monitoring Functions Available.
5. Temperature Alarm Function.

Soldering tips you can find here: Tips



Power Consumption 90W
Temperature Range 200-480℃ (max)
Temperature Stability ±2℃ (stationary air, no load)
Tip to ground resistance < 2Ω
Tip to ground potential < 2mV
Dimension 137 × 65 × 114 mm
Weight Approx. 1.4kg




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