QUICK 440D Stainless Steel Static Eliminator

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Stainless Steel Static Eliminator, QUICK 440D


1. Compact size, light, portable design, adjustable angle.
2. Quickly neutralizes static charges.
3. Speed of fan adjustable, can generate large range of ion stream.
4. Stable and adjustable ion balance.
5. Long lifetime magnetic leakage transformer, can protect the unit from short circuit.
6. Build-in emitter cleaner, easy cleaning.
7. Safe and low power consumption heater.
8. Stainless steel housing, more suitable for clean room and workshop applications.



Power consumption 30 Watt
Output voltage AC 5.6KV
Ion balance ≤±10V
Air volume ≤ 2.4m3 /min
Effective range 400*1500mm
Ozone production ≤0.03ppm(150mm from centre of air outlet)
Noise 45dB
Ambient temperature 0-40℃
Dimensions 140(L)*84(W)*220(H)mm
Weight About 2.4 Kg



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